Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Ocean floor maps seem to show massive Ancient underwater structures off US Eastcoast!

Speaking of strange underwater structures... trolling the satellite images around the US coastline after reading of such anomalies, I found this absolutely mindblowing site and am wondering if it's known/talked of /studied?
It's on a bathyspheric map. (not generated purely by satellite, as I first thought)
Click on the section of this map labled - vol2- then the square between 39-40 degs lat and 71-72 degs longitude and prepare to be astounded!
For, right there, about 200 kilometers south of Cape cod, 200 off the tip of long island is an obviously man made structure of massive proportions! I mean this thing has ELEVEN perfectly parallel walls, with one running perfectly at right angles to them adjoining all, like a back wall which then runs off into the distance for what must be 80 kilometres or more! The main structure must be 20 k's long at least! All the walls are perfectly straight!
If u have trouble finding it or following my instructions the ACTUAL enlarged
first map is here----- but you cant navigate back from there.( at least i couldn't!)

Then more adjoining lines run off for dozens of kilometers perfectly straight to other wierd spots.
(this is the next map down)

(click on the maps (twice) to enlarge.
Check out the elevation of the "wall" compared to the surrounding ocean... (see depth gauge at bottom of map)
IF I'm reading this right (and I'm no oceanographer) the damn thing must rise up nearly a kilometer! possibly more!! Somebody please, tell me I'm wrong!
I may well be... but to my reasoning, to have such a sharply deliniated edge, between two such massively contrasting depths...
That constitutes AN ENORMOUS CLIFF!... Does it not???
An enormous cliff in this shape?...
I really cant sum it up... it is truly staggering . I can't believe I found it like this
and haven't heard of it otherwise, someone must've seen it in the mapmaking etc... has there been any press coverage? is it old news? surely not, because the implications are staggering!
Here we have a complex of SOMETHING over maybe a hundred square kilometres or more, perfectly straight and parallel like an aerial view of an old roman temple, in 2000 odd METERS of water..... with perfectly straight lines leading back to shore in some places! Off New York!

The whole site continues on down a perfectly straight freeway of sorts, for hundreds of kilometers south east to ANOTHER massive and obviously manmade ribbed structure... symmetrical, but not parallel.

When you check the other maps, the whole coastline is covered in wierd stuff! ie straight lines, odd blocks, triangles with straight sides, what look like massive stone blocks etc!
Have a look, tell me what you think...
Here's a wall or something! from the northwest coast maybe san fransisco or something...

Perfectly square! If that's natural ....... what d'you think of the regular rectangular block imprints in the bottom left corner?

More impressively BLOCKLIKE structures over a vast area HERE off Nth Carolina. fact, the whole globe is covered in this stuff! the deep oceans as well as the coasts... check out the NOAA site. there's a world map too, just pick a site and magnify.

There are other websites dedicated to this stuff, Check 'em out and wonder..
I'll post some links when I get the time
The Meditteranian is VERY interesting! particularly off the coast of Libya on the edge of the blue (deep water) and south of cypress.

Lots of straight lines between the islands of Corsica, Sardinia and the coast of Spain and France too!
With regard to the N.Y site...
My judgement of size won't be accurate. Knowing it was huge because it took up so much of a 1 degree square map, I pulled out a tape measure and an old 50's atlas as i wrote this, to try and give some idea.
This's got to be of Monumental importance to historians, archaeologists, geologists etc and humans everywhere in general hasn't it?
Whadd'ya reckon?

I say obviously manmade, (after seeing this, you will too!) but the question of course, is which man? (or woman!) and when?... f'r cryin' out loud! ???

p.s. To my mind, considering these lines etc can be found all round the coast...(indeed, the globe!), the notion that this "portion" "sank" during some earthquake... will probably turn out to be bollocks! (Unless everything sank!)
Which leaves us with the awkward alternative question... How long ago were the seas ever down at that level?
Hope someone has some answers...
Merry wonderings and a happy Australia day to all! Cheers!
signing off... Marty M